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Thermal spas

In Pannonia lowland, in the green land of wheat fields and vineyard hills, by the Mura river and by other rich gifts of nature, thermal spas have developed which are connected into the Pannonia baths; Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice, Terme Radenci, Terme Lendava and Terme Banovci.

The Prekmurje flat land and the sincerity and kindness of the local people, the soft pannonian climate, and the untouched nature and well-appreciated healing springs offer you everything you desire for your vacation.


Moravske Toplice lie in the north-east of Slovenia, where the Gori*ko hills softly cover the pannonian flat land.

We offer many different programs in a modern tourist-spa complex that are all based on a natural factor – unique rich thermo-mineral water.

With a recent gain of a new plot of land for TERME 3000, the water surface in the spa has increased to 5,000 m2 with over 20 pools. The swimmers can choose between indoor and outdoor pools. 11 new pools in two levels offer rich programs and attractions: waterfalls, a wild river, geysers, water and air massages, counter current swimming, swimming paths, water currents and whisking baths.

A specialty in the offer is a pool designed jumps into the water from one or three meters. The largest attraction for all generations is a 22-meter tower with a toboggan 170 m and 140 m in length with visual and sound effects, as well as a free fall toboggan.

The new complex also offers Turkish and Finnish saunas, a solarium and a playground for children, restaurants and a pub. The spacious grass areas nearby the pool offer generous natural shade.

Our pools also offer ideal conditions for the relaxation programs, including the wellness program in the Thermalium center. This center offers a wide variety of therapeutical programs: a professional medical personnel will take care of your successful medical treatment and rehabilitaion of many forms of rheumatism and skin diseases, as well as rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries of locomotorical system with a functional disability. You may choose between the medical services (hydrotherapy, kinetictherapy, electrotherapy, anti-pain electrotherapy, mechanoteraphy, thermotherapy, inhalation, acupuncture) and other medical programs (anti-stress, anti-rheumatics, weight-loss, relaxation, anti-osteoporosis,…).

Terme 3000

This rich offer is complimented with a sports park with multitude opportunities for sports, recreation (tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, grass hockey) and a golf course.

In the evening you may try your luck in the CASINO 3000.


Terme Radenci has been developed by the rich fountains of mineral water.

They offer you a fitness studio, saunas (turkish, finnish, infra, herbal), a solarium and a system of pools on 1,4620 m2; indoor pools with heated water up to 29°C, indoor and outdoor thermal pools from 33-34°C, indoor pools with warm fountains up to 37°C, small paddle pools for children with a regular, heated water (28°C) and thermal water 33-34°C and a pool with cool water.


The spa is furnished with all the modern equipment for diagnostical treatment of the heart and veins.


Terme Banovci lies not far from the Maribor-Ljutomer road. You may swim in three outdoor pools with thermal water (34° - 38° C) and in the swimming pool with regular water, a pool with a toboggan and a children's pool. The covered thermo-mineral pool with over 216m2 of water surface is among one of the nicest pools in Slovenia and is connected to a sauna, a trim cabinet and underwater massage as well as a hand massage.


They also offer a wide variety of sports and recreation. You may rent a bike or play tennis, table tennis, or volleyball. You may go for a ride in the neighboring places, take a walk or bike to the bee museum, go for a ride on a ferry or a boat down the Mura river, fly with a hang-glider above Prlekija, or go for a visit to a miller in Veržej.


TERME LENDAVA lies by the foothills of vineyards of Lendavske gorice, by the borders of Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia where three nationalities live in cohabitation. The picturesque Lendavske gorice with more than 4000 vineyards is a well known and visited tourist point. Indoor and outdoor pools with thermo-mineral water (36°C) are available all year round and during the warmer months there is an olympic swimming pool with a toboggan and chute as well as children's pool with a regular heated water (27°C). Along with that there is a natural thermo-mineral pool (37°C) in the sports-recreation center.

To their guests they offer a wide variety of sports – mini golf, tennis, beach volleyball and organized biking trips with rented bikes. They also have a fitness studio and three different saunas.

Lendava is an excellent place for trips, sightseeing or simply for walking around. The little town itself is remarkable especially for its castle from the 12th century, Saint Caherine church, Jewish synagogue, castle basement from the year 1717 and picturesque roads with many wineshops.

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