Monday August 02 , 2021
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Bukovnica energy points

The area around Bukovniško jezero has been charmed with energy that calms, relaxes and revitalizes us. People in the past have considered old knowledge about beneficial and harmful areas, and built churches and temples in the areas of beneficial radiation. It is no coincidence a church existed centuries ago in the very place that the Chapel of St. Vid stands today.

Energijske točke

Beneficient areas, the lines of strength (dragon's lines) and healing effect of specific areas, one of them being energetical strength of the fountain by the chapel of Saint Vid, was discovered and analyzed by a group of experts; bioenergetics and radiestesists.

In the surrounding area of the Chapel of the Saint Vid the experts have discovered a larger area of beneficient earthly radiance of various strengths and colors; in the diameter of 450 meters there are about 50 healing areas of various values and effects.Time and repetition have an influence on abolition of various medical problems and it helps improve psychophisical well being. The water from the Vid fountain, which is near by the chapel, has an energetic power and healing efforts and it helps remove problems with sight, hearing, digestion, nerve systemand skin.


Locals say that by drinking this water and washing their eyes with the water from the fountain, some have improved their vision.Also those who doubt in the hidden and unvisible, but miraculous power of the nature will be partakers of this benefit. It is weaved from the colors of the sun rays, which shine through the green treetops of these mighty trees and are reflected in the surface of the lake and the melodies and whispers of the wind, waves, leaves and songs of the birds.

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