Monday August 02 , 2021
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Adrenalin flights

It is a desire of almost every traveller who comes to Moravske Toplice to fly into the heights. One of the possibilities to do so is through a flight with a motor twin parachute. Our flights have been owned and led successfully by Vojko PRAH for more than 8 years. He has flown more than 1800 hours and more than eight thousand flights. His collection of satisfied passengers ranges from a 3 year old from Noršinci (by Murska Sobota), to an 89 year old from Maribor.

Only a few societies, clubs or sport associations can boast with success in their collection like the Society of Motor Parachuters ŠTRK Murska Sobota. For several years now this society has been led led by the president Vojko PRAH, an owner of six out of ten records in motor parachuting, owned by the ŠTRK society.


A flight with a twin or a tandem flight is done on the underpass of one of the best makers of planes PIPISTREL from Ajdovščina. It is made up by PRAH & team d.o.o. from Murska Sobota with the power of ROTAX motor, which can manage 53 KS and a push of more than 160 kg. The flight is done with the parachute made by AISYSTEMS of Mr. Tone SVOLJŠEK from Kranj under the name BIG BERTHA with more than 360 kg of minimum capacity and with the factor of safety 1:11.

Flights are done on MARI* runway by Moravske Toplice or on the meadow right next to VIVAT hotel in Moravske Toplice. The cost of the flight is 70 EUR. For this price you get detailed basic instructions, advice and information about motor parachuting, and equipment – a one-piece flying suit, gloves and a helmet. The flight is about 20-25 minutes long in the surrounding area of Moravske Toplice, or a circular trip to Murska Sobota or Bogojina and Goričko.


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